Welcome to VoicePublicity

Do you want to easily send voice broadcasting to hundreds or millions of people in Nigerian today? It is now possible and simple. VoicePublicity.com helps our clients make sales, get elected, send reminders, notifications, and do survey/poll easily and simply. Instead of manually dialing or cold calling, we will quickly, automatically, dial and play your voice messages to your phone list. We have helped people voice-broadcast since 1987 in the US, and have sent over 1.5 billion calls since then. Now our voice broadcasting service is available in Nigeria. Now Businesses, Government, Legislatures, Universities, Private Schools, Non-Profit/NGO’s, Party and Event Organizer’s can send voice broadcasting to their phone lists at an affordable rates.

Product and Services:

Currently, there are two voice publicity services that we offer in the Nigerian market:

  • Standard Voice Broadcasting Service – Connect by sending personalized voice messages to your phone list to promote your business, make announcement or to seek support from your people.
  • Standard Poll/Survey Service – Get accurate result by sending personalized voice messages to your phone list that give them the option of pressing 1 or 2 to determine what side of issues they are.

Benefits to your advertising campaign:

  • Promote your campaign, products and services directly to any phone
  • Increase campaign, party, product and issue awareness
  • Get the general public or targeted group opinion on important issues
  • Remind clients, fans or supporters of upcoming promotion and events
  • Increase client or supporter response, awareness, confidence, and turnout
  • View results in real time from our Web Site from anywhere

Features of our technology:

  • Use your own phone list
  • Upload your own message or have us create one for you
  • Call thousands, even millions of numbers effortlessly
  • Set up your calls quickly, easily, and cost effectively
  • Free professional audio editing, including text-to-voice message
  • Easily manage your voice publicity campaign from anywhere via the Internet